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Creating a Magical Space

Updated: May 24, 2021

If you are planning to spend a lot of time in a space to create or work on your life’s pursuit, go the extra mile and make it special. Whether it be a cozy nook, or wide open it should be a haven where you can lose track of time feeding one dream after the other. I love beautiful and whimsical spaces and objects. They inspire me to think outside the box. They inspire me to be more than I am. They inspire me to grow.

My studio is more of a nook. I like to keep things close and cozy. I am all about creating a warm and inviting ambiance. I have a steel wall that I call my brain. I use it to hold all of my ideas from sketches, to color choices, finished pages from my new book, and my manuscript. Without this wall my brain would be in overdrive at all times. The best part of this steel wall is that I am able to use magnets and easily slide my work around to rearrange and squeeze in a new idea I hadn’t thought of.

I also have a magical trunk holds The Bravest Worrier’s props that represent the Worry monster’s secrets. I would bring these with me when I would have in person author events for The Bravest Worrier, but I keep them out now that I am doing virtual visits. Everyone really loves seeing what Worry eats, smells like, and how big he can grow.

Tips for making your space special

  • Get a comfortable chair. You will be there for a while! I can not stress this one enough. When I finished The Bravest Worrier my back was a mess. I bit the bullet and invested in a proper chair with incredible lumbar support. Now I can sit for hours without even a hint of pain.

  • Lighting, lighting, lighting. I have a great window that lets a lot of natural light in. When I want more of a cozy feel I have options from several lamps and candles to create the mood that I need to get me into the creative zone.

  • Organize your space. Have your tools handy and neat. You don't want to waste time looking for that certain something and loose your mojo.

Be willing to invest hours each week and if you have a family share that commitment so that they are aware of your needs. I am a mom and a wife. I could spend all day in my studio working on twenty different projects before coming up for air but this would tip the balance and cause frustration in other areas of my life. Also, carving out certain days for events, creative time, and the business side of things helps keep things flowing smoothy. Early in the week is when I like to do events. Early mornings and end of day is when I answer emails. The rest of my time I leave open to let the creative juices to flow.

Keep it fun. Keep it flexible. Keep creating!

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